Dedicated Physicians Caring for Your Eyes

If you are looking for an eye doctor in San Luis Obispo or Santa Barbara County, Pacific Eye invites you to meet our friendly, qualified eye care professionals. Our physicians specialize in the surgical and medical treatment of eye disease, as well as general eye care. Our ophthalmologists are board-certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, and our optometrists are certified by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry. All are active members of numerous professional societies and are highly involved in our Central Coast communities. In addition, our physicians regularly donate their services to help those in need worldwide.

To meet with one of our friendly eye surgeons, request an appointment online, or call (805) 545-8100.

Ahmad A. Amir, MD

"One of the things I enjoy most about being an ophthalmologist is the long-term relationships I've developed with my patients. Improving vision makes such an immediate and profound difference in the quality of a person's life."

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Robert W. Higginbotham, MD

"As a doctor in Vietnam, I saw what the ravages of war can do to people's lives. That experience led me to form a non-profit corporation to build free eye care clinics in Vietnam. It's incredibly gratifying to help these people see a new world."

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Christopher S. Hulburd, MD

"I particularly enjoy the practice of Ophthalmology because we provide both medical and surgical care for the patient. Surgery has its rewards in being challenging and providing very gratifying results. I also love the opportunity to have long-term relationships with patients."

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William E. McRee, MD

"Being an active outdoor person, I appreciate the importance of good vision to the quality of our lives. It is especially gratifying to help my patients achieve their individual goals regardless of age."

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Craig A. Merrill, MD

"Vision is the most precious of all senses, and nothing is more gratifying than improving someone's eyesight. My skills as an ophthalmologist have give me the opportunity to have a meaningful impact on my patient's lives."

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J. Brent Oldenburg, MD

"Ophthalmology is the perfect profession for me. It combines my love of science, technology and thrill of improving my patient's lives. It's very visual- looking into a patient's optic nerve tells us much about their overall health."

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Mark D. Sherman, MD

"As a musician, I learned that it's all about technique and performance. The same applies to my practice as an Ophthalmologist. It's a privilege to teach in Loma Linda's School of Medicine, and donate eye care for global communities in need."

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Jen Spiegel, MD

"Pacific Eye is proud to welcome Dr. Spiegel to the practice."

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Kimberly Johnson, OD

"Advances in optometry are what really inspire me. I see how technology has allowed us to manage and treat serious problems like glaucoma more effectively than we have in the past. These advances help our team at Pacific Eye to function seamlessly for the benefit of our patients."

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Scot A. Class, OD

"Pacific Eye is proud to welcome Dr. Class to the practice."

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Robert Dirksen, OD

"Pacific Eye is proud to welcome Dr. Dirksen to the practice."

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