At Pacific Eye, we believe that some of our best marketing comes from the word of mouth generated by a great experience and a positive outcome. Patients who come to our Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County eye center locations are happy to talk about the individual attention and top quality care that they receive at Pacific Eye. Below are just a few of the glowing testimonials sent to us by our beyond-satisfied patients.

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A Doctor's Perspective

"LASIK is the best thing I have ever done! As a radiologist, you can imagine how important my vision is to me and the caution with which I approached a surgical procedure on my eyes. Not that vision isn't important to all people, but given what I do for a living and the investment I have made in my profession, a bad outcome would have been a disaster.  Although LASIK has been around for over 10 years, I am glad I waited.  With the newer wavefront technology and the surgery, I feel like the technology is so good now that good results are about 100%. I have worn glasses and contacts for over 40 years.  I am now enjoying the clearest, cleanest vision that I can remember. I love it!"

Fred S. Vernacchia, MD

A Journalist's "Miracle Moment"

"I wore Coke-bottle glasses and all kinds of contact lenses for more than thirty years. The alarm clock was a blur in the morning. After long days reporting, my eyes would burn the next morning from wearing the contacts for so long. I was accustomed to being very near-sighted.

Dr. Robert Higginbotham, Pacific Eye and LASIK changed my life. The procedure took just a few minutes and my eyes were better than 20-20. That night, I stood out in the backyard and looked up at the night sky - seeing stars clearly for the first time since I was a child. I call it my miracle moment.

I trust my eyes to the experienced, board certified group of ophthalmologists at Pac Eye. They're doctors who specialize in eyes! I tell everyone that LASIK was painless, easy and stopped the decades-old drain on my pocketbook of buying glasses, contact lenses and solutions. And, wherever I am in on the Central Coast, I always recommend Pacific Eye."

Lynn Diehl
Journalist/Owner of Wine Region News

Small Notes of Big Thanks

"Just a 'Thank You' note to let you know how much I like my improved eyesight! I now have a clarity of vision I hadn't enjoyed in a long time! Wow - what an experience! I am so glad I chose you for the surgery."

"I have been a patient at Pacific Eye for many years. Recently Dr. Sherman performed cataract surgery on my left eye with my right eye scheduled for June 23. I am very pleased with Dr. Sherman, the Pacific Eye staff and also the process and results."

"Thank you for your patience, perseverance, knowledge and skills in helping me get my new contacts. The lack of pain and the clarity is a constant joy. With love, hugs, and gratitude."

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