Pacific Eye Physicians Make a Medical Mission Trip to Honduras

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May 14, 2014

Several of Pacific Eye's physicians and staff traveled to Honduras in February for 8 days with Icare International. Drs. Abroms, Chowins and McRee were among those on the trip to provide routine eye care and surgery to residents of all ages who had no real access to medical care.
According to Dr. Chowins, 1,500 patients were helped in the general clinic, where they dispensed more than 1,100 pairs of free glasses. The surgical team helped 55 patients with critical procedures that saved their sight.

But for many others, their conditions were so advanced that they couldn't be operated on. End stage glaucoma, diabetic eye disease or retinal detachments were everywhere, though those conditions are usually preventable with routine care.

You can be sure this won't be Pacific Eye's last adventure to remote areas giving care for those in need. Check out a few photos on our Facebook page, courtesy of Dr. Abroms.

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