All-Laser Custom IntraLase™ LASIK

At Pacific Eye, when we perform LASIK for our San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara County patients, we utilize advanced technology for optimal results. IntraLase™ Custom LASIK represents a significant innovation in LASIK surgery which offers improved safety, comfort, and results. IntraLase LASIK – also called all-laser LASIK, iLASIK™, or LASIK – combines IntraLase laser technology with VISX™ laser technology for a highly customized, blade-free vision correction procedure.

If you live in North County, South County, Santa Maria or San Luis Obispo, all-laser LASIK is available close to home. To learn more, request an appointment online, or call (805) 545-8100. Pacific Eye has 8 offices on the Central Coast to serve you.

About IntraLase

In order to understand the significance of IntraLase LASIK, you must first understand the two steps of the LASIK procedure. The first step is to create a corneal flap; the second step is to re-shape the cornea with the excimer laser. In the past, the corneal flap was created using a mechanical blade. IntraLase LASIK uses leading edge laser technology to create the corneal flap. This innovation offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Truly customized corneal flaps
  • Increased accuracy in the size and depth of the flap
  • Improved flap stability

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Pacific Eye is the only practice to offer patients the dedicated and stationary IntraLase laser technology throughout San Luis Obispo County and Santa Maria for all-laser LASIK procedures. The surgeon uses a computer-guided laser beam instead of a hand-held blade, so the risk of complications is greatly reduced. In addition patients with thin corneas or other conditions which prevented them from having laser eye surgery on the Central Coast may now be candidates for IntraLase LASIK.

The LASIK Procedure

Traditional LASIK reshapes the cornea of the eye based on your prescription for vision correction. While this results in improved vision, common side effects include glare, halos, and problems with night vision. IntraLase LASIK utilizes wavefront technology to make an exact map or "fingerprint" of your eye and customize your vision correction to match its unique characteristics. This reduces the incidence of these common side effects, resulting in optimal vision correction.

Performed as an outpatient procedure, IntraLase LASIK takes only a few minutes. You will receive anesthetic drops for comfort prior to your procedure. After the IntraLase laser creates the corneal flap, the computer-guided VISX™ excimer laser precisely re-shapes the cornea based on the map or "fingerprint" of your eye. Since this map adjusts for a variety of aberrations, the result is often better than perfect vision.

Most patients can see fairly well within the first 24 hours of surgery, and can return to work within a day or two. Results may continue to develop over a period of 3 to 6 months. Your Pacific Eye surgeon will discuss your procedure, expectations, and aftercare in more detail to fully prepare you for your LASIK surgery.

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