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An eye injury and eye pain are two clear reasons to seek emergency eye care, but many potentially serious problems affect your vision without causing pain. When you need emergency eye care, the experienced team at Pacific Eye are available to provide a thorough exam and the care you need to protect your vision and eye health at their offices in San Luis Obispo, Lompoc, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, and Santa Maria, California, as well as at Optical Concepts in Santa Maria. Call today or use online booking to schedule the next available appointment.

Emergency Eye Care Q & A

When do I need emergency eye care?

You should always seek emergency eye care when you suffer an eye injury. A thorough assessment of your eye and prompt treatment helps protect your vision. A few of the problems that require emergency care include:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Traumatic injury
  • Scratched cornea
  • Foreign object in your eye
  • Swelling around your eye
  • Detached retina
  • Acute glaucoma
  • Chemical injury

Following an eye injury, it’s important to avoid rubbing or applying pressure to your eye. Don’t try to remove a foreign object stuck in your eye because you could inadvertently cause more damage. Rather than performing self-care with products like ointments and eye drops, schedule a visit at Pacific Eye and come in for expert care as soon as possible.

What symptoms indicate I need emergency eye care?

When an eye injury seems mild and you don’t have a lot of pain, you may be tempted to wait and see if it gets better. However, while many eye symptoms are painless, they’re red flags of serious problems. If you suddenly develop any of these symptoms, you may need emergency eye care:

  • Eye pain
  • Double vision
  • Change in vision or vision loss
  • Flashes of light and floaters
  • Bleeding from your eyes
  • Bruising in or around your eye
  • Blood in the white of your eye
  • A headache with eye pressure
  • Pain that’s worse with eye movement
  • Swelling around the eye

Although many signs of an emergency appear suddenly, some patients experience a gradual change in vision that they describe as a dark curtain blocking their vision. This is a potential sign of a detached or torn retina, which requires rapid treatment to prevent permanent vision loss.

What should I know about chemical burns?

Household detergents and pepper spray cause significant pain and irritation when they get into your eyes, but they usually don’t cause permanent injury or vision loss. Other chemicals are a significant problem.

Chemical burns from alkalis and acids always require emergency treatment. The most common sources of alkalis include:

  • Ammonia in cleaning products and fertilizers
  • Sodium hydroxide in drain cleaners and lye
  • Calcium hydroxide in lime, cement, and plaster

Acid burns are most often caused by products used to clean swimming pools. If any chemical gets into your eye, immediately flush it with water and call Pacific Eye right away.

For emergency eye care in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties, call Pacific Eye or use online booking to schedule the next available appointment.