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You can enjoy each day with clear vision, and do it in style, with the choice of eyeglasses available at Pacific Eye, with offices in San Luis Obispo, Lompoc, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, and Santa Maria, California, as well as Optical Concepts in Santa Maria. If you prefer contact lenses, the doctors ensure you have the best-fitting contacts, using advanced eye mapping to get a perfect fit and a trial period to be sure they’re comfortable. Call Pacific Eye or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

What vision problems can glasses and contact lenses correct?

When light enters your eye, it’s refracted, or bent, by the cornea to focus the light on the lens. Then the lens further refracts the light to be sure it’s precisely focused on your retina.

When incoming light isn’t focused, it’s called a refractive error. That’s the type of vision problem corrected with glasses and contact lenses. Refractive errors cause:

Although problems in the lens can be the source of the problem, refractive errors usually occur when the cornea isn’t perfectly round or the eye is too long or short.

What should I consider when choosing eyeglasses?

Pacific Eye offers on-site optical shops at most of their locations, where you’ll find an expansive selection of comfortable and fashionable frames. When choosing a frame, you’ll have a variety of options, from popular plastic and metal frames to specialized frames designed for use when you’re engaged in athletic activities.

The team at Pacific Eye offers guidance, helping you find the shape, color, and style that perfectly complements your face and reflects your personality.

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What should I know about contact lens choices?

The doctors at Pacific Eye offer a trial period with contact lenses so you can be sure you have the right contacts. Your doctor begins by making a computerized digital map of your cornea, which is used to precisely fit your contacts. Then your doctor recommends contact lenses based on your occupation, lifestyle, and eye condition.

You can choose from the most current and cutting-edge contact lenses at Pacific Eye, including:

In addition to correcting refractive errors, contact lenses are also available to treat corneal irregularities that affect your vision.

How soon will I receive my glasses or contact lenses?

Pacific Eye has its own optical laboratory in Santa Maria. As a result, you benefit from faster service and complete quality control. They provide a very quick turnaround for eyeglasses. In some cases, you can have your new glasses on the same day.

When you need eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your vision, you can count on the experienced team at Pacific Eye; call or book an appointment online today.

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Pacific Eye Surgeons has offices in San Luis Obispo, Lompoc, Paso Robles, Pismo Beach, Orcutt, and Santa Maria, California, as well as Optical Concepts in Santa Maria.

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