Once you’ve decided that Botox is the right treatment for you to achieve a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing look, you may wonder how to prepare yourself for Botox. Since treatments are relatively quick and uncomplicated, the best way to prepare for Botox is to inform yourself on what the procedure entails. Knowing what to expect is the best way to ensure your comfort and success.

Before Your Appointment: The first step in preparing for Botox treatments is finding the right medical provider. A great way to do this is to set up a consultation with a perspective Botox specialist. The consultation is a chance for you to ask any questions or address any concerns you may have.  

Being Prepared for Botox Results: Although Botox is a simple, safe and quick procedure, it is important that, in preparing yourself for your Botox treatments, you have considered and prepared for all the possible results. There is a small list of potential risks and complications involved with Botox. Prepare for the possibility of temporary pain, headache or nausea by having an over the counter pain reliever on hand. Although pain is rare and typically mild and short-lived, it may help you feel more comfortable to be ready for it. Slight redness or bruising at the injection site is even less common than discomfort, but you may still want to be prepared in case you do experience either side-effect. Even though preparing can help alleviate pre-Botox jitters, remember that Botox is considered one of the safest injectable treatments on the market and for many, the benefits far outweigh the potential risks.

What to Expect from your Treatment: The day of your Botox procedure is very straightforward, and the best way to prepare is simply to know what to expect. After filling out some paperwork, you will be seated in a comfortable reclining chair. Our doctors will then determine where to administer your Botox injections by examining your ability to move certain muscles. The dosage amount is determined by the degree of the wrinkles and other factors. During your treatment, very low doses of the Botox product are administered via a few tiny injections into the muscles causing the wrinkles. The needles are very fine so there is virtually no pain and no anesthesia is required. The treatment is quick, usually taking only about 10 minutes and no recovery time is required. You can get on with your day right after the treatment.

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